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Welcome to
County Corner Farm! 

Hi, we are Grant and Laura Langebartels (pronounced Lang-ee-bar-tols). We began our marriage in 2010, living the big city life in Indianapolis, Indiana. But through the twists and turns life brings, we are now raising our three children in the beautiful countryside of Wabash County, Indiana. The rural lifestyle is perhaps the best-kept secret to happiness, and our little farm is one way we embrace its blessings.


Although “Farm” is in the name, County Corner is the avenue through which we aim to share our hobbies and passions with the world. And because Laura loves alliteration, we have outlined our offerings as the 4 C’s - Chickens, Creative, Customs, and Collections.

Photo of the Langebartels family


Our County Corner endeavors are mostly about enjoyment. We do this because it is fun for us. As our children grow up at County Corner Farm, we hope the values of work ethic, healthy lifestyle, and creative pursuits will infiltrate their souls. We hope to share a piece of that with all of you too.

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