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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

“We are born makers. We move what we’re learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.” - Brene Brown

I read this quote by Brene Brown in a precious yet delicate stage of life. Around this time, I was desperate for a "How To Be an Adult, Parent, Spouse, and Still Feed Your Soul" book. Prior to children, creativity had been a consistent rhythm of my life and our marriage. A cool aspect of our relationship had always been that our creative interests and strengths complemented each other well.

But when the kids came, we went into survival mode - where your energy is spent day in and out on meeting their basic needs while everything else goes by the wayside. This was not wrong, but my soul felt its effects.

Gradually, we are learning to build a balance between raising our children, prioritizing our marriage, and allowing creativity a place in the rhythm of it all.

Our creativity takes a few forms, and we have long wanted a way to share those with others. This website is our attempt to share that piece of us with the world officially.

Forever Home

Grant and I had been dating for maybe six months when I moved into my first apartment. I wanted shadow boxes for the walls but did not have the budget to buy them. So, he and I decided to figure out how to build them on our own. Working together in his parents' garage on those simple boxes was the catalyst for our shared love for house projects and woodwork. We have gained many skills 14+ years down the road but are also continually learning.

In 2020 we bought the house we plan to stay in until we die, which we call the LangeLodge (Lang-ee-Lodge).

The house was built in 2006 and came with a rich backstory. The gist of the story is the house and property had tons of potential but still had a long way to get there. Knowing we loved this process of taking something good and making it great, we took on the challenge.

This place provides a great canvas for creativity. Although the projects feel never-ending, after three years here, we are beginning to see the results of our efforts.

Aerial view of County Corner Farm

Hobby Farm

When shopping for our forever home, we seriously considered a house with a barn and fenced pasture. Something about envisioning our life in that house ignited what I call Grant's inner cowboy. Although we did not purchase that house, his desire to hobby farm/homestead has only increased. And because one of my greatest joys is seeing his dreams fulfilled, I've gone along.

We began this year with our first flock of meat chickens. Here's the thing I discovered about starting a little farm - I absolutely love it too. Grant and my careers can carry deep frustrations with the world and humanity. The farm is simple. It's pure. When everything else feels exponentially out of control, this is our place of balance.

Preserving the Past

We love history - the story, the character, and the beauty of honoring what has been by bringing it into the present. This love finds its way into our creations through reclaimed wood, restored antiques, and more.

We are excited to share what we create with you! Oh, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @countycornerfarm!

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