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Packaged whole chicken

County Corner Farm


Pasture-Raised  /  Free-Range  / 
non-GMO / Antibiotic & Hormone Free

Each year, we raise four flocks of 50 Cornish Rock Cross chickens. Reservations for chicken orders are taken before the flocks arrive.

County Corner Chickens come as a whole chicken. All our chickens are antibiotic-free and fed non-GMO grain. They meet the free-range and pasture-raised classification requirements. In other words - they are as pure as it comes!



Complete the form below to begin your chicken orders for 2024.
Supplies are
limited so reserve your order today!

2024 Chicken Reservations

Would you like to reserve chickens from our 2024 flocks? Great! Here is the process:

1. Complete this form to request your chickens.

2. We will email you to confirm those amounts and flock dates. Payment information will also be provided for placing your $5.00/chicken deposit. The non-refundable deposit will be applied to your final balance.

3.  Once the deposit is received, you will be sent an official confirmation email. We will confirm delivery plans and give you the chance to request weight ranges for your chickens (typically between 5-8 lbs.)


4. Once your chickens are processed, we will contact you to confirm the final cost, which is based on weight at $4.00/lbs. Pick-up or delivery times will also be set, and we prefer this happens within 1-2 weeks of the butcher date. The final full payment is due at pick-up/delivery. Chickens must be received frozen due to state regulations. 


Reserve Your Chickens Today

Don't miss out on providing your family with healthy meat. 
Supplies are limited, so reserve yours today!

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