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Little boy helping with wood working


Taking after previous generations of his family, woodworking has become a creative outlet for Grant. The custom furniture and decor he has built are a beloved staple of our home. Not only do handmade pieces carry more significance, but the ability to make them the size, color, and quality we need has been practical and beneficial.


We have displayed a few of our favorite projects here. Through his rustic woodwork style, Grant likes to use reclaimed wood when possible, bringing character and history into the project. 


If you would like a quote for custom projects like these, fill out the form at the bottom, and we will be in touch soon.


This farmhouse-style side table features a stained genuine barn wood top with a sleek painted base. The dimensions are all customizable, as well as the stain and paint.

Grant built this piece for our nursery, serving as the perfect middle-of-the-night bottle, paci, and snuggly blanket holder. 


If you are a parent, you have likely discovered the phenomenon of accumulating kid stuff. For families that desire some fragment of organization, storage cubes are the best. While you can buy cube storage organizers in many places, being able to customize them to your space and storage needs is valuable. If your kids are like ours, there is great value in making this piece of furniture sturdy and securable.


We can build your organization unit to fit your specific needs. We incorporated spaces for baskets and even larger toys.


While the tree gets most of the decorating attention, why not make it complete with a beautiful tree stand? 

Wood Carvings

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