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What we offer the world is a bit random. You may be in the right spot if you're looking for farm-raised meat, custom furniture, antiques, or just some creative inspiration for your home. 

Flock of chickens


Through our hobby farm, we aim to eat healthier, live more sustainably, and utilize our land efficiently. We invite others to benefit from our farming efforts. Our first livestock venture is meat chickens. These pasture-raised, non-GMO, antibiotic-free chickens are basically as clean as it comes. Not to mention - they taste delicious.


In 2020 we bought our forever home. This was our fourth place of residence since being married, and with each new dwelling brought new home renovating and design learning experiences. Our forever home, which we affectionately call the LangeLodge, came with a massive amount of work, but equal amounts of potentional. 


Through the Creative section of this site, we’ll be sharing the various projects we have done in our home. Intentionality, quality, and thriftiness are the steady themes in our home projects. We do not claim to be experts, but hope to provide a place of inspiration and fun.

Flower and butterfly wall mural
Old House


As a couple, we have some unusual shared hobbies. Scavenging is one of those hobbies. Give us a dilapidated house or barn, and we will surely find treasures inside. While we keep many of these pieces, original or transformed, in our own home, we hope to share some of the treasures with others.


Custom furniture and decor are treasured staples of our home. What started as a less-expensive way to furnish our homes somehow transformed Grant into a woodworker. While he has built several pieces throughout our home, there are a few projects we are especially proud of, and would love to offer others the chance to experience in their homes as well.

Man and woman building a bed frame
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