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Restored Corbels

Written by Laura Langebartels

FACT - we LOVE history and craftsmanship in our home. So when we come across treasures that are about to vanish, we tend to do whatever we can to save them. For example, sending the kids to Grandma's house on a February Saturday so Grant and I can save items from a house on the list for demo. (Yes, we had permission to do so.)

We take these items and either restore them for our home or sell them to others. One of my summertime projects this year was restoring two corbels from a house built in the 1800s. They now adorn our main living space, and I'm excited to show you how we did it today!

Step 1: Remove Corbels

Grant did the work on this one. I just handed him a crowbar and took photos. Once we were up close, we could not believe the detail in each of these handcrafted pieces! They are truly beautiful.

Step 2: Clean Them Up

I spent A LOT of time sanding these guys down. I'm a true believer in thoroughly sanding all restoration projects.

Step 3: Prime & Paint

Experience has taught me the lesson of always using high-hide primer on old wood. I chose paint colors that were already used in our main living space. This tied the corbels into our rustic design while giving it some fun.

Step 4: Attach to Walls

Grant rigged up a system to attach the corbel to the corners of our sunroom entryway. He attached a block of wood to the wall and then cut out the exact size of that block in the back of the corbels. After sliding the corbel directly onto the block, a simple screw or two held it in place.

TADA! Corbels!

Interested in owning your own?

Great! We have some for sale on our Collections Page. We could even discuss doing the restoration for you (for an additional cost). Send us a message if you are interested!

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